3 stages of cyprus: stage 2 – STANDING UP FOR MYSELF

3 stages of cyprus: stage 2 – STANDING UP FOR MYSELF

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As time went by I start getting used to Protaras. The weather was beautiful and since I had no company I was spending my time exploring the surrounding. However, like I said in the previous article in this stay nothing lasted long and in this stage there were basically two lines that I will talk about. One was positive and … well, the other not so much.

So let’s get into it. From the beginning, the changes seemed pleasant. The hotel was about to be open and therefore there were slowly some people, as a staff, coming in. I have changed my apartment and finally lived with someone who spoke English. Even though still there were some unexpected turns, it looked pretty nice and I was really looking forward to the opening. Even though my job was very easy, it was quite boring and I wanted to meet people and talk to them since that’s why I have chosen this kind of job.

St Elias
Staff apartments

If we get into the line with a job. As far as the hotel management is concerned , I have to say even before the opening we had a few disagreements, but nothing big. And I was keeping most of it for myself. Nevertheless, the hotel was unable to open at the time due to lots of work that needed to be done. Anyway, the opening was, just one week late, but even at that time the hotel resort wasn’t quite ready and therefore the hotel was very quite from the beginning and was beeing filled up slowly.

After next few weeks, my enthusiasm from opened hotel start struggling. Everything was very unorganised, unfinished, nothing was thought through and honestly almost whole management was quite dishonest, arrogant and rude. At this time I thought that it is just because of the opening and that everything will settle down finally. But it wasn’t, and I started realising that this is not going to change. Management had absolutely no respect for anyone from the staff and honestly I have never been treated as bad as there. That’s how I started experiencing Cypriot mentality – at least what I thought, at that time, that was Cypriot mentality.

But as I mentioned before, at this stage not everything was only bad. The summer was coming up, sea started to be warm, and I finally had very good company around me that I could spend time with and travel. When I look back at this time I have a lot of nice memories to this times, but only in my time off.



And that was the breaking point for me, when I have realized that I came to Cyprus to enjoy the time there, but I was enjoying only small part of it since I was working 6 days a week and I was getting to the point where I couldn’t take it anymore, where I couldn’t take that disrespect and behavior from the management. I started thinking about leaving Cyprus.  I wanted to buy a ticket and never ever return to this place again. But likely I didn’t.

After another humiliation from my boss and another argument. I have decided to quit, in one week from this incident. Even though I had no idea what will be, where will I stay after that or where will I work, I just knew I couldn’t  take it anymore. My thoughts were very close to leaving Cyprus, going back to my country or to Britain, just to escape from this madness and see something familiar.

Luckily I haven’t done any of that. I have decided to give Cyprus another chance. I found a new job and … well after that everything started to go pretty well for me …

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