3 stages of cyprus: stage 3 – FINALLY

3 stages of cyprus: stage 3 – FINALLY

Chill at the beach

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July was the breaking point of my stay, like I have already explained in the previous article. The end of this month, apart from the job, was brilliant and enjoyable. But the job was unbearable and I had to quit. After that, I had one week of holidays. And ooh boy, that was a brilliant time I have had there. I could finally enjoy the whole week of this beautifully warm weather, nicely blue sea and beaches, as glittering as the sun itself,  just like crossing the roads with my scooter and exploring new places. I wasn’t tired from my job and I didn’t have to be upset about what had happened at work.

Famagusta, old town
Famagusta, old town

It was so enjoyable and I could finally feel Cyprus the way it was. After this one week I started to work again. But this time it was in a different hotel with completely different attitude. In this hotel everybody had respect for me, everybody was very nice to me, which I could really appreciate at this time.

I have had very nice accommodation near the beach, the hotel I was working at was close as well. My job was very easy and I had plenty of time to talk to customers and staff as well, where I have made very good friends and have heard some pretty interesting stories. This was a time when I started experiencing the real Cypriot mentality. I finally could see that you cannot lump all the people together. They were so nice, friendly and welcoming. Completely opposite from those I had met before.

Scuba diving
Scuba diving in green bay

When, I even lost my last bits of disgustment, from the last place I had worked at, I could truly enjoy these moments in Cyprus. I could see the experience that the previous hotel gave me. Because without that, I probably wouldn’t be able to appreciate the new place so much. Just like it gave me a great lesson to my life, and taught me how to stand up for myself, which is an ability good to know, not just in Cyprus. Also here, I finally started getting into Cypriot mentality, because they were trying to show me that and lead me into it. I finally got out off “what the heck are these people doing” into “look at me I am doing it as well”. I got into understanding all these things instead of demeaning them. Which was maybe the biggest lesson of all – being completely respectful and tolerant, just like accepting things the way they were.

Scooter ride
Scooter ride

To sum up this stay. Not everything was pink and beautiful all the time, but it was a great experience that gave me a lot to the future, just like having unforgettable memories, some indescribable moments there and last but not least, opportunity to meet a great people. To be honest, I think this is what travelling is about (at least for me) and therefore I would like to finish my story with a beautiful quote, that perfectly fits my “trip”.

Beginigs are usually hard,

endings are usually sad,

but it’s everything in between,

that makes it all worth it.


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